ASHISH DHA is a music teacher, performer-composer, sound designer and spoken-word artiste. His specialty is cross-genre experimental music, often based on Hindustaanee raags, but drawing on influences ranging from Wasifuddin Dagar to Avril Lavigne. His latest passion is 'Musical Meditations' on hammered dulcimer, piano and voice. He has given many concerts of his original experimental music, 'Hindustaanee 2.0', as well as lecture-demonstrations and workshops, in music, sound, spoken word, phonetics and acoustics. He has performed around the world, including in USA, UK, Ireland, France, India and Pakistan. His formal training has been in Hindustaanee raagdaaree singing - both qhayaal and dhrupad fundamentals. After freelancing in India and getting an MFA degree in Sound Design from California Institute of the Arts, USA, he is now based in Dublin, Ireland, where he teaches online and runs his sound studio cum music learning and performance center, Naadaalay.


  • Musical Programming

    Learn ChucK, a fun way to play with sound through code.

  • Music Lessons

    Online and in-person private lessons and group classes in Hindustaanee raag music. Singing in both qhayaal and dhrupad styles, harmonium, tablaa, baansuree, guitar and piano/keyboard. Also Western music theory, improvization skills and classical music appreciation.

  • Science of Music

    Learn about the tuning system of raag music, its contrasts with Western equal-temperament, the natural harmonic series of overtones and the fundamental physics principles behind music and harmony.

Music Composing & Performing

Eclectic, experimental music with a Hindustaanee raag twist.

  • Voice
  • Santoor
  • Piano
  • Baansuree
  • Percussion

ASHISH DHA is a performer-composer, multi-instrumentalist and researcher of Hindustaanee raag music. He is currently under the tutelage of world-renowned master instructor of Daagarvaanee dhrupad, Ustad F. Wasifuddin Dagar. Earlier, he trained in khayaal gaayaki under Shri Shyamal Das. He has studied piano fundamentals under Mark Menzies at CalArts.

Sound Design & Multimedia

Creative specialties include subliminal and hyper-realistic sound design that integrates musical score, aural effects and sound art with the main narrative.